Other People’s Water Bottles

thLast week, as I looked at the water bottle I am currently using, I thought there might be other, like-minded writers out there.  Sure enough, by simply using the search ‘water bottle’, I found quite a few.  In fact, it was not easy to choose which I might follow.  There is a cool photo of a water bottle as it sits in a field, discarded and unloved at Dutch goes the Photo!  Here, photographer Frank Jansen has captured a stark reality and titled it ‘Return Your Empty Water Bottle.’  He even calls it a ‘trashy subject’ and I like the way he makes light of a sad reality without being preachy.

In August, Anni, an army wife and mother, wrote about her self-confessed water bottle addiction.  She made it both humorous and topical and I loved that she donated some of her collection.  I also appreciated when Anni admitted to buying a set of three different-colored water bottles.  She told of how her son liked the blue one, took it to school, and lost it.  Later, she admitted that her husband had the blue one, and had found it funny when she accused their son of losing it when it was at that moment on his desk.

There is even a writer, Jerome, who figures that water bottle toting by adults not currently engaged in exercise is a way to continue using the bottle from our infancy.  He does not understand why purchased water bottle toting and flaunting is even a thing when free water is available everywhere.

I was really surprised by the number of hits I received from this search and am pleased that the topic of ‘water bottles’ has struck a cord with others too.  It will be interesting to continue my research on this topic and I look forward to expanding even further into other recycling and conservation topics.

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